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Ally Rae 

Empowering you to find purpose beyond your body

Hi! I am so glad you are here! Ally Rae is the name and empowerment is the game. I am dedicated to creating communities, relationships, and spaces where all feel seen, heard, and empowered.

My journey started in Cleveland, Oh (born & raised) took a left turn across the country to Seattle, WA and most recently curved its way down to Denver, CO. My core values are centered around empowerment, connection, authenticity, movement and celebration. My passion is to empower every individual in finding purpose beyond their body and reclaiming their relationship with their body, movement, and food. 


As an individual in recovery for over 10 years, I understand how non-liner recovery can be. I believe we all deserve to move as a way to celebrate our bodies, not from a place of force. I also know that life is so much more meaningful and full when we create neutrality with food and our body, in order to create purpose beyond our bodies. I am dedicated to supporting each and every individual and community in feeling at home within their body. 

You are enough, always. 

Ally Rae 

Certifications  & Qualifications

  • 200-HR Certified Yoga Teacher (GIVE Yoga)

  • Certified Run Coach (Road Runners Club of America)

  • Eating Disorder Recovery and Intuitive Eating Coach (Redefine Wellness)

  • Published Author (Memoir launching October 10, 2023)

  • 10 years in recovery from complex eating disorder (anorexia, orthorexia, and exercise addiction)

  • Runner (marathons, half-marathons, and for joy)

  • Former leader of employee resource group, ADAPT (able & differing abilities partnering together)

  • Creator of Bliss & Breathe - community based yoga classes centered around inclusivity and celebration

  • Lover of all movement - yoga, swimming, hiking, skiing, climbing, running, biking - celebrating what our bodies can do



"Ally provided encouragement, accountability, and guidance that carried me across the finish line feeling strong! She has an approach to coaching that was really important for me: our goals were around mobility and distance training, never about weight, physical appearance, or pushing yourself past your limit. Caring for myself and resting was always a priority. The "all or nothing" mentality in racing and the outdoors community in general have always made me feel like an outsider. Ally understood that and her coaching style quickly quelled any fears I had about not being "serious enough" or "fit enough" to be considered part of the "club". 


Ally does a great job of coaching and I'd recommend her to anyone looking for that extra support with their running. That said, I'd especially recommend her to people looking for a more holistic approach or who have more complicated relationships with food, exercise, eating disorders, or body image. She'll help you reach your goals while actively avoiding the toxic practices you'll find in a lot of fitness circles."

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